The Problem

Crime is often the product of poverty; distressed communities; a lack of strong, stable neighbors; a failing education system; and a lack of jobs and economic opportunities.

Michelle's Plan

  • Attract more employers to those communities that lack good-paying employment opportunities. Michelle would work with the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri to develop incentive-based programs that would attract employers.

  • Work with the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri, as well as other communities afflicted with high instances of gun violence, in order to develop sensible gun control measures.

  • Work to find ways to attract more qualified individuals to become public safety officers, including: police, sheriffs, and highway patrol officers.

  • Work with local and state officials to find ways to fund more cameras, speed bumps, and other crime deterrents.

  • Develop a clearing house so that all of the district’s social service agencies, along with the City of St. Louis and other organizations, can work together to address crime.

  • Work with the St. Louis Public School system to find strategic partnerships among local government and the corporate community in order to help our youth find real world internships to prepare them for entry into the workforce.

  • Ask St. Louis’ universities and colleges to develop partnership programs with the St. Louis public schools and other learning institutions to prepare them for the college experience.

  • Work with the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri to increase the availability of quality housing for both working families and the market rate community to strengthen our neighborhoods.

  • Improve neighborhood stability by reclaiming each block; aggressively work to add more quality housing for all income levels; and work with organizations, such as the Urban League and Better Family Life, to re-establish block units and neighborhood meetings.

  • Create more opportunities for youth through community centers and keeping schools open as resource centers.

  • Help our youth make good decisions related to their future by providing positive alternatives and programming.

  • Work to bring the Civil Asset Forfeiture program under control. Allowing police to circumvent local rules by turning property over to the federal government MUST be stopped. We must protect the rights of ALL.