The Problem

Our region continues to suffer from extreme racial disparities in housing, employment, and earning power. Similarly, our region lacks protection and equity for those in the LGBTQ community.

Michelle's Plan

  • We can no longer accept cosmetic approaches to solving the region’s disparity problems. Therefore, I would encourage a truly diverse and robust discussion about reducing the huge disparities in housing, education, employment, and crime enforcement.

  • Real people must be at the forefront of this discussion, not hand-picked selectees who simply make leaders feel comfortable and validate their illegitimate concerns.

  • Aggressively support the State of Missouri’s and City of St. Louis’ diversity programs. These programs must fully report all fiscal and administrative activities.

  • Encourage St. Louis’ corporate community to engage in transparent business and employment diversity programs.

  • Fight to ensure that ALL of Missouri’s citizens are protected equally under the law.

  • Aggressively continue to pursue and support legislation that is designed to protect those in the LGBTQ community from being targeted and discriminated against.

  • Committed to acting upon initiatives that can make a lasting difference in not only creating but securing a more equal society that can stand up against injustice and discrimination wherever and whenever it is found.