Justice System Reforms

The Problem

There are huge disparities in the criminal justice system that must be addressed at every level.

Michelle's Plan

  • The State of Missouri must take the lead in addressing these continuing disparities.

  • We must find alternatives for the low-level and nonviolent offenders seeking access to programming whenever possible.

  • Our criminal justice system must start preparing the incarcerated for life after prison. Job-training, access to social workers, and teaching life skills are examples of such programming. These programs must be measurable and its leaders must be held accountable.

  • The State of Missouri must conduct a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system. Recent court decisions have cost our state millions of dollars.

  • There must be a review of all the operational and administrative systems of the penal system to determine if the system’s funding is properly and efficiently administered.

  • We must have accountability for law enforcement professionals. Prosecutors and police officers who knowingly lie, falsify and hide evidence should also be subject to prosecution by the law.