Create Jobs and Economic Opportunity

The Problem

Many parts of the 5th District lack jobs and economic opportunities.

Michelle's Plan

  • St. Louis must partner with the State of Missouri and the local corporate community in order to bring good-paying jobs and businesses to economically-underserved areas.

  • Provide job training opportunities that match the needs of our business communities.

  • The State of Missouri must sponsor programs to support persons transitioning out of aid programs so that they can access healthcare, childcare, and other services.

  • Identify and attract developers and companies who specialize in creating jobs and businesses in the urban core.

  • Encourage the City and state governments to work together in order to create economic zones that are intended to foster the creation of job opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses.

  • Encourage the City of St. Louis to create a fund that is sourced by tax revenue from marijuana-based industries that will fund the economic zone efforts and target those communities that have been most severely impacted by past drug policies.