Improve the quality of housing and help stabilize neighborhoods

The Problem

Our region, including the entire 5th District, lacks a discernible housing strategy.

Michelle's Plan

  • Partner with the City of St. Louis, the Missouri Housing Development Commission and other housing advocates to develop a housing program for the 5th District.

  • Pay particular attention to those areas that have lacked an effort to create a stable and safe housing environment.

  • Identify and work with developers who will create a housing stock that appeals to all levels of buyers and renters, including: market rate, special needs, working class and seniors.

  • Assist with helping to develop programming designed to make our streets safe, eliminate problem properties, and attract basic goods and services.

  • Work with the local community and social service agencies to support individuals and families in the immediate community.

  • Support low income tax credits.

  • Work with the City and state governments to protect seniors and others from the impact of increasing taxes as housing values increase due to area development projects.

  • Help to support the revitalization of beneficial community-based programs, such as the Urban League’s block unit program.

  • Support programs that would increase the availability of security cameras for both residential as well as strategically located municipal-use cameras.